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I am Natacha, the founder of The Thread Loop!

Everything started a few years ago, when I was posted to India for 8 years worth of adventures! 

I have always been attracted to the textile arts, crafts and fine fabrics. India became a fertile ground to nurture my passion.

While travelling across the country to visit the best textiles and clothes market, my interest for textile waste started to grow...

During those years, I noticed enormous quantity of wasted pre & post-consumers fabrics, textile materials and clothes. The same trend was observed in the clothing & textile industry.

Heaps of clothes rejected during quality checks. Accumulated rolls of new fabrics discontinued from manufacturers’ catalogs. Assembly factories discarding the end of the textile rolls and fabrics off-cuts after the cutting process. Not much was done to give these fabrics off-cuts a second life.

When I came to Singapore, due to geographical limitations, I could not access the services of my excellent go-to tailor in Delhi, Mr Alif. I decided to pick up sewing - initially to upcycle some pieces of my wardrobe.

What came next was unexpected. The day I touched a sewing machine became a “Ah Ha!” moment.

Since 2018, I dedicated my time to learning apparel product development, technical drawing and illustration, and fine-tuning my sewing craft. 

By the beginning of 2020, The Thread Loop was birthed in Singapore. We are dedicated to develop small series of apparels collections through the use of excess high quality materials.

Our first collection will showcase a line of bags and accessories, crafted with a timeless design, and made to last!

Along my journey, I met many benefactors who helped turn my vision for textile and upcycling into a reality. This included teachers and students at TaF.tc and Lasalle College of Arts, sewing and pattern teachers, sustainable fashion advocates, entrepreneurs in Singapore, Europe and friends.

Of course, not forgetting the immense support of our suppliers, artisans and factories in ASEAN!






Let's try our best to reduce, re-use and recycle !
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