Welcome to our eco-friendly accessories store!

We use excess fabrics that are sourced primarily from upholstery fabrics, fine fabrics or vintage fabrics from Asia. We select them among deadstocks, offcuts, over-production and vintage fabrics for our bags’ exterior and for the textile portions of our accessories.

Thereafter, we handpick the fabrics used from our suppliers based on their technical and aesthetic characteristics, the type of fibre and the way they are made.

While the process can be slightly more complex and experimental, we have a strong support of artisans and partners engaged in recycling to ensure the quality of our production and detailed effort invested in creating our apparels.  

We aim to reduce the waste generated by the textile industry through our daily efforts. That creative solutioning could be applied to these excess fabrics than sending them off to landfills.

Our commitments:

  • Manufacture products that are made to last, easy to maintain and easily repairable
  • Offer top quality products made from refashioned fabrics for the textile parts of our apparels
  • Work only with suppliers and partners who prioritize fair working conditions for their staff and are willing to take actions towards more environmental sustainability
  • Ensure adherence to sustainable and ethical standards in the assembly and production of our collections
  • Renew our support for local business and economy with our best efforts



Let's try our best to reduce, re-use and recycle !
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