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Everything Started With A Question

I was always curious to know, “How were our clothes made?”  

As I researched and explored this line of trade, one alarming issue caught my attention: a lot of waste was generated in the textile manufacturing process!


*According to a report from Ellen MacArthur Foundation & Circular Fibres Initiative, today, more than 6 million tonnes of textiles produced are lost or wasted in the creation/production processes per year (factories offcuts, mills & factories overstock liquidation included) - Source: A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future (2017)

I asked myself: why use new material and resources when you can repurpose existing material to create beautiful and brand new products?

After a decade of working within the Asian region, particularly with the textile industry, I decided to run with this vision. With in-depth knowledge in textile and fashion apparel development, The Thread Loop was born. 

The Thread Loop was birthed to develop accessories and apparel collections in a more sustainable fashion through the use of excess materials.




Let's try our best to reduce, re-use and recycle !
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